Final Quiz!

4 May


            Coming into this class I wasn’t completely sure what to expect, because I wasn’t sure what types of media we would be working with, and what kind of projects we would be assigned to do. The last thing I anticipated was improving my communication skills. Through out all the projects I have completed this semester my technological, visual, and interpersonal communication skills have greatly improved.

            My technological communication skills I can’t say were awful prior to taking this class, but they have been most definitely enhanced. Before taking this class I would constantly rewrite emails, and call my dad for help because I was concerned they would not sound educated or convey my ideas correctly; but I am now confident in what I write, because I’ve learned ways to simplify sentences and compress what I want to say into a concise and understandable e-mail. I also learned never to use a negative when writing a summary for a project because it does not convey the right connotation.

            Prior to this class I didn’t have any experience in visual communication other than media production one, needless to say I learned a vast amount about presenting what I want to say through media in the most efficient way. On my final project I originally had Stacey Moss introduce herself in her interview, but as I reviewed notes and spoke with the professor I realized that I was able to show who, through the one/third title slide; where and when, through the video; and why by an interesting catch at the beginning of the interview sequence.

            As I learned that we would be having to interview and video people for all of our various projects it made me very nervous, because I automatically thought it would set me up for experience a really awkward moment with someone I didn’t know. But as I went through each interview, I became comfortable with talking to people and I became quit good at truly listening to someone and letting them talk.

            I knew this class is a requirement for communication majors, but I did not realize how much it improved my actual communication skills until the conclusion the class.





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